What does a shoe-repair do? 31 October 2014

When did the shoe-repairs appear? Would you like to know more about them? Check our post today.reparador de zapatos

The first shoes were created 5500 years ago. These were made in Armenia to protect the feet. Since those first ones, many others also started making shoes. From that moment, the shoe-repairs were born as a profession, which is a very popular one nowadays.

Did you know that in the old times, shoe-repairs use to fix old shoes to sell them again? With the years, the profession has been changing into reparation only.

So, when the heel of your favorite shoe wears out or these was a stain on the leather of your boots, there is no better place than your shoe-repair to solve those problems.

Many people thinks that shoe-repair only fix shoes, but they do many other things, they are able to make your shoes look brand new!  And they fix handbags, zippers…

Does your shoe hurt? Are you bored of the color? Do you live in a rainy place and your shoes get easily ruined? Don’t worry, they can help you and give yozapato rotou best solution.

So, if your shoes need professional advice, don’t wait any longer! You just can go visit your nearest shoe-repair, and if you don’t know where you find one, you can use google or yahoo to find one!