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Barefoot children's insoles


Give your little ones the freedom they deserve with our Barefoot children's insoles! Designed with a wide last that respects the natural position of the foot, these insoles allow your children's feet to move freely as they grow and explore the world around them.

Our Barefoot insoles must always be accompanied by equally respectful shoes, creating a perfect combination for the care of your children's feet. With an attractive, fun design, and a strawberry-scented aroma, these insoles are one size fits all and adapt to feet from size 21/22 up to 35/36. Additionally, they are screen-printed with sizes so they can be easily trimmed to the correct size.

A standout feature of our insoles is their antibacterial treatment, which helps keep your children's feet fresh and healthy. This treatment prevents the proliferation of bacteria, providing a hygienic environment for their active and developing feet.

With our Barefoot insoles, your children will be able to take their first steps with comfort and security, while enjoying the freedom they need to explore the world around them!

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