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Plantillas Coimbra was founded in 1941 under the name of "La Corchera del Valles" by Mr. Amadeo Estradé in Granollers (Barcelona). At that time he was mainly engaged in the manufacture of Cork insoles; Hence the name of the company.

In 1968, Josep Roca acquires the business with a total of two people in staff. Mr. Roca takes "La Corchera del Valles" to success. In 1976 and, after several years of work, the company becomes Plantillas Coimbra; As we know it today. From then on the company began to grow and it is in 1997 when its internationalization begins. It is currently present in more than 40 different countries.

In 1990 and in full growth, Josep Roca retires and leaves Coimbra at the hands of his two sons: Amadeo Roca and Luís Roca. Thanks to the arrival of the Roca brothers, the company makes a very important change: the entire company is computerized, it makes a change of image and installs the first semi-automatic manufacturing line. With these new changes and the internationalization of Plantillas Coimbra the company moves to a new bigger manufacturing plant.

In 1999, Amadeo Roca died and the management of the company remains in the hands of Luís Roca along with the support of his wife Pilar Terés, who had been working in the company for several years. The two continue with the family business with great success. From then on, Coimbra expanded its surface and machinery. It currently has more than 2000 m2 and a workforce of more than 15 workers.

From 2014, Ivette Roca, daughter of Luís Roca and Pilar Terés, joined the family busines . Since that time, Plantillas Coimbra is a step forward opening to the e-commerce market, adding new ideas and increasing the online presence of the brand in different and new markets


Contribute to the welfare and comfort of your feet improving the qualities of your footwear; Putting at the disposal of the people products of the highest quality for any moment of the day and for all the stages of the life, and developing products to create values to the company and, at the same time, for the society.


To be a recognized leader in the sector of components of footwear worldwide by its consumers, customers, suppliers, employees and all interest groups related to the activity of the company.


  • Focus on long-term business development with solid results.
  • Commitment to sustainable environmental business practices that protect future generations.
  • Make a difference in everything we do thanks to the passion to win and create new and more innovative products; With respect to our competitors, being quick and fast, with discipline and without errors.
  • Understand and know what brings value to our customers and consumers to provide it.
  • Make products with maximum levels of quality and without endangering the health of the feet of our customers and consumers.
  • Improvement and continuous development towards excellence as a way of working, avoiding sudden and drastic changes.
  • Personal relationships based on trust, honesty and mutual respect with our stakeholders.
  • Commitment to a solid work ethic, integrity and honesty; As well as with the commitment and compliance of the applicable legislation and the principles, policies and standards of Coimbra.